Monday, May 17, 2010

Time Riders - Character Building

Ok... so I have this idea for a new series of YA novels that deal with Time Traveling Teens.

Not to give too much away, but each Time Riding team is made up of 6 kids and their time traveling partner. Each book will focus on one of those pairs, but the other members of the team will make appearences.

There is also a villain, and a secret society called the Groomsmen.

The novels will play out in 7s. Six books to get to know the team and to set up the villain, and then a final book where the team (hopefully) defeats the villain.

Time Traveling will be connected to the hormonal flux of teenage years - so as the kids mature they lose the ability to travel. 

I could see easily doing another 7 book series with a completely new set of riders and a new villain.

To get geared up for the first book I need to get a handle on 20 some characters. I am doing research now and loving it!


Doug Hagler said...

I had a thought that might or might not be helpful: you could also base the ability to time-travel on the brain development that goes on from puberty to early 20's - the prefrontal cortex and portions of the 'upper' brain associated with delaying gratification and some other complex, 'adult' functions. Maybe the (technology? magic?) interacts only with a brain that hasn't fully developed yet, but you can't have 10 year olds traveling through time for obvious reasons, to maybe the late teens is the 'sweet spot' for becoming a time-operative, leading to what I can only imagine are hilarious pubescent hijinks.

Northen Light36 said...

From the basic summary, I think something close to what you're planning has been done. You might want to read these books to see if they're too close to what you're planning.

Eddie Louise said...

Hmmmm... Northern Lights - you gave me a huge scare... images of NaNo disaster etc.

BUT... With help from my writer/preacher son I have rescued the concept.

New Title: The Arc Riders. No more time travel, but still horses and kids and teleportation to solve problems.

Based on a quote of Martin Luther King - "The arc of the Universe tends towards justice."

I think it will work. Whew!!!