Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where I have Been and What I have Been Doing


In Bed


At my Desk


Standing at the kitchen table


At the local coffee shop

Holiday - for 1 week


Almost done with the massive edits and re-writing process - then WHAMMY! I get the advice (from a VERY trusted professional source) that maybe this should be a YA novel. No really, as a career consideration (I have about 50 ideas for YA novels after this one and only 3 or 4 ideas for general fiction and even 2 of those 'work' as YA) maybe this book should be aimed at YA so my Agent/Publisher/Support Team can be the same group of people from first book onwards.

Not Surprisingly Devil in My Dreams is one of my general fiction ideas that could be YA as well.

So I am currently writing a Scene-By-Scene analysis of what I would need to change to make it work YA. I don't think it would take a lot more work and it just might be the best move overall.

I'll keep you updated on my decision.

Meantime - there is light at the end of the jobless tunnel. Unofficial word that a job is in the offing. Should know more tomorrow!