Monday, December 20, 2010

Focusing The Brain after NaNo while Juggling the Holiday Fun!!

I really have grown to love NaNo - the adrenaline rush of creation, the multi-venue write-ins, the support of all the other crazy people, and the feeling of totally dedicating yourself to an endeavor, the dishes be damned!

After that month of frantic writing, however, December becomes problematical. The dishes can only pile so high before you must pay attention. You open your eyes on December 1 (or 2 or 3) and realize that you are living in a tip. Your uber supportive spouse pouts a little and says he missed you. Not to mention the presents to be secured and wrapped, the tree to be trimmed, the baking to do, the parties to attend...

I spend a good part of the month of December in a fog that resembles jet lag. I do stuff. I even have fun doing it. But only later, when I see the pictures will I remember doing it!

So, for fellow NaNo authors out there - hang in, the jet lag will leave and we can begin the process of refining the rough gems from November. For friends and family - I am sorry for the haze and promise to be fully cogent by Xmas! Cheers for the love and understanding!

Merry Christmas all!

Eddie Louise

Friday, December 03, 2010

NaNo - A Month Long Blur

I did it. I know I did. I have almost 60,000 words to show that I really did do it.
Only I stopped updating the Blog on Day 9 and I have no idea what happened to all the other days.
But, um.. I did it. See?!?

I really got lost in my story this time. Writing was fun most days, and even on the days it started out as work, it quickly became fun.

In fact, I am feeling a bit disoriented now that I have stepped out of my writer's cave and into the blinding light of day. Not that I am done writing! Oh, no, my hero is still battling Mexican drug gangs and arcane immigration laws and willful horses and strict codes of conduct and all those other difficulties I threw at him during November. I will need another 25,000 words or so to get him out of the mess I got him into.

My goal is to have a completed first draft by the New Year. Wish me luck!