Friday, December 03, 2010

NaNo - A Month Long Blur

I did it. I know I did. I have almost 60,000 words to show that I really did do it.
Only I stopped updating the Blog on Day 9 and I have no idea what happened to all the other days.
But, um.. I did it. See?!?

I really got lost in my story this time. Writing was fun most days, and even on the days it started out as work, it quickly became fun.

In fact, I am feeling a bit disoriented now that I have stepped out of my writer's cave and into the blinding light of day. Not that I am done writing! Oh, no, my hero is still battling Mexican drug gangs and arcane immigration laws and willful horses and strict codes of conduct and all those other difficulties I threw at him during November. I will need another 25,000 words or so to get him out of the mess I got him into.

My goal is to have a completed first draft by the New Year. Wish me luck!

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Doug Hagler said...

Big congratulations! That's awesome. I petered out at 12k words, but I'm not too concerned about it because thinking back I wasn't entirely sold on the idea to start with.

So, you're looking at about 1k words a day to hit your goal for the New Year, right?