Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Writing FAIL

Well.. I just couldn't get motivated to write tonight. 10 hours of work just fried my brain.

I am not going to beat myself up about it. I will just get up in the morning after a good night's sleep and make up the words. I am still well on track, and the book is shaping up nicely.

I posted this excerpt on the NaNo site:

Jace knew that he couldn’t keep running much longer.  His breath was tearing from his lungs with a deep rasping, the stitch in his side was constricting like an Edwardian corset and his eyes were tearing from the exertion, blurring his vision and making it hard to judge the landscape. If he didn’t find a way to shake the St James Boys soon he was a goner for sure.  He labored on, refusing to give in to the weakness of his body, determined to somehow outrun or outsmart the Mexicans.
The streets were eerily quiet.   Jace had never seen the Bronx this empty. There were no cars on the roads, no cruising police, no late night revelers taking advantage of the cool night air, no people coming in or out of the 24 hour diners, the news-stands, the shelters. There was no one to witness, interfere or contain the gang’s murderous intent.  Jace’s time was short. If he didn’t think of something soon he would become just another statistic on the police blotter, just one more Bronx boy who never got the chance to live up to his potential.
When the chance of escape did present itself, Jace didn’t recognize it at first. His brain looked past it, refusing to believe the evidence from his eyes. His disbelieving ears didn’t acknowledge the whickered greeting. His struggling lungs refused the essence of equine musk. There was no way that a big red NYPD mounted police horse was just standing in the middle of Fordham Road completely saddled, bridled and offering to race him out of his current troubles. Certain that the horse was a hallucination brought on by oxygen deprivation, Jace ran on – right past the very solid and warm imaginary beast.

Oh - I also learned that the video problem seems to only be on Google Chrome so I will start posting videos again tomorrow.


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Aric Clark said...

Missing the updates. And I can't wait to read more of it.