Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Journal Entries {sigh}


Even when only doing hypothetical entries from childhood memories I fail.

I just am not really the autobiographical sort I suppose.

As for getting ideas to write about - I am *never* short of ideas. They spring up from my dreams, from observations of the world, from some deep well of my sub-conscious that really loves trivia and weird sh*t! Ideas are not the problem. In fact, I have the opposite problem - not enough time to develop all the ideas I have.

I think I shall reevaluate this workshop and its value for me as a writer. In the meantime I need to research horse cops of early 20th Century New York.

The latest story idea is pushing to be written and since I am done with any conceivable work on the novel currently being shopped (at least until an agent/publisher/expert reader demands changes) I am free to start in on.... (Duh, duh, duh!!!):

The Timeriders

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Doug Hagler said...

Then why be autobiographical? Or, what is important about what you're trying to do? The regular discipline? Having a place to put your ideas? Publishing your ideas? Getting feedback? You don't sound interested in autobiographical work, so the only possible value would be as a discipline (i.e. I'm not interested in discomfort, but I still have to exercise). But you can probably aim your discipline more closely towards something you actually want to do...