Saturday, May 08, 2010

Journal Entry #2 - Dream Escort

This is the second of my 'required' journal entries. I am using random memories from my childhood to create imaginary Dear Diary musings.

Last night I couldn't sleep. The cars just kept driving by my window all night long. I can't get used to this new life as a city girl. I really miss the ranch, my horse and the smells of clean country air. Everything here smells like car exhaust. The only good thing is the Donut Hole just down the street. Mama got us donuts for breakfast this morning.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep and I was tossing and turning and Charlie kept hissing at me to just keep still and Earl was snoring and Eric kept saying "You guys be quiet, Mom and Dad need their rest."  It really sucked.

Then I began to get a little sleepy, and I could see myself wandering in a field of fog or mist - completely surrounded by white. I was still awake, but it felt like I was already dreaming. Then the fog began to swirl and I heard hoofbeats. The horse came closer and closer, creating eddies in the mist until its great head appeared.

It had to be a Percheron, it was so big. A huge muscular chest followed the long face on an arching dappled neck. I could feel the thunder of his hoof-falls reverberating in my chest. He was outfitted in strange drapings - long hangings with square-jagged edges and some kind of black bird embroidered on the rump.

He carries a rider wearing a similar kind of robe or dress or something with a big black bird on his chest. This man has long hair and a short beard. Under his robe he is wearing some kind of jingly metal shirt thingy.

Somewhere in the back of my mind a connection is made - this guy looks like a knight. Only he looks nothing like a knight.  In movies or in the books they are always so shiny and so young - unless they are shiny and very old. This guy is like my dad, neither young or old. And strong, he looks really, really strong.

As his horse sweeps by me, the knight leans out of his saddle and scoops me up by one arm, depositing me on the hindquarters of his giant horse. My legs are practically in the splits! He rides me to my dreams and then disappears.

I wonder if we'll ride again tonight?

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