Friday, May 07, 2010

Journal Entry #1 - Walking

Note: I am supposed to be keeping a journal for a writing workshop I am taking. At the end of the week I have to write a poem based on one of the entries. Journal keeping is not a talent I have. A friend suggested that I use my Blog and simply point my tutor here. As I do not want it to get icky-personal I  plan to journal historic moments in my life. No reason to subject folks to the argument Chip and I had over diet and exercise today.

June 20th, 1969.

Grandma and Grandpa Wiseman are coming today. My sister Lynn's birthday is on Sunday and they are coming for that. But I don't really care why they are coming. I only care that Grandma has brought her walking shoes.

Every time she comes to the ranch, we walk everywhere! Looking for arrowheads. Visiting the old pioneer glass dump. Hunting for frogs, or crawdads or bunnies. Grandma Wiseman makes everything seem so magical. I mean she is a city girl but still notices things that I have never seen. She makes the ranch out to be a magical kingdom full of the wonder of God's creation.

My other Grandma just makes it all seem like work.

I can't wait til they arrive! I think I'll go check if they are here yet.

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