Monday, May 24, 2010

Predictions of Doom for Fan Fiction?

Ok guys this is why I think Fan Fiction Writers, Publishers and Authors need to come to some kind of standard agreement - before that choice is taken away from us.

If the Digital Economy Act was enacted here, then that site which had the Diana Gabaldon sex scene re-posted as fan-fic of the other author (sorry can't remember who just now) could have been shut down.

As I understand from a solicitor friend of mine in Edinburgh the law would allow the shut down of any size sites - even Live Journal, Word Press, Facebook etc. He also said they are planning to shut down any sign of copyright infringement whether there is money involved or not - they are looking to set an example. The other unfortunate thing about this law is that it is a 'act first - prove later' law. They only need reasonable suspicion of copyright infringement. For this law, there is no 'gray' area.

So.... anybody ready to open a conversation about how we get the fan-fiction community and the authorial/publishing community to cooperate?


ErraticHippie said...

Sadly, both sides of the debate have their extremists. I don't think people *like* to get along :)

Although I understand that Original Fiction writers may feel that their characters are being tampered with, I think that they must also remember that imitation is simply a form of flattery; would performers be ANYONE with those loud, annoying, incredibly VOCAL fangirls/boys that make you ashamed you have similiar intrests?

Yes, some of the FanFiction writers can be obsessive... sometimes eerily so. Then again, you have people who emerge once every 60 days simply for a WoW time card. I've seen some amazing works with even more amazing FanFiction as the result... and I've seen some truly, truly pathetic examples of *writing* that made me give up all hope of EVER reaching the true depth of the human psyche.

Perhaps if every one put aside their differences and -- wait, that's impossible. :P

Sorry, did not mean to rant and rave... I just wish that, perhaps, we could all keep an open mind. Isn't that what writing fiction (or even non-fiction) is about? We can judge, but we can also listen... no one knows how to do that anymore, they just stay quiet and wait for their next turn to speak. Not a single word will ever penetrate the thick-headed skull of humanity... and that's sad. The potential is there, the DRIVE is there...

But make peace? Never. Not unless there's a lot of dubage, and then the LAW will break down your door and take THAT from you, too. :D

Eddie Louise said...

Listening is exactly what I am talking about.

Before this whole conversation began I have to admit I was one of those people that write fans off as 'those crazy people'. Then I listened.

Many people who have commented here have taught me many new things - including the motivations that might lead someone to want to write fan-fiction.

While I am not personally likely to ever do it, I can at least understand why someone might choose to.

I hope the fan community will be willing to enter a dialogue with authors such as they have with me here.

We need a little more understanding before the lawyers get involved!!!