Thursday, May 06, 2010

Journelling - To Do or Not To Do

I am currently taking a writing workshop through the local library and the teacher has advised we journal as homework.

I have never really kept a diary (6 months as an 8 yr old doesn't really count) and although I do have some wonderful trip journals, those are short term event focused writing.

I have a really hard time journalling daily - not that I find my life boring - but that I just can't seem to find the oomph to actually write my day down.

Many people have told me I should write a memoir, and I sometimes play with the idea of doing it as a series of diary entries (probably the only way I could make writing about myself palatable) but beyond that I struggle.

What are the thoughts of the rest of you? Do you journal? If so, what about and why and how often? If not, do you think you should?



Doug Hagler said...

I used to keep journals, but it became kind of obsessive - I couldn't sleep unless I'd written down what had happened that day, and it would often stretch out to an hour or longer of me scribbling self-obsessed adolescent rants.

The cure was to go through the journals, keep a few, and literally throw the rest away.

So I don't have advice on how to journal healthily. I do think that having a blog and a journal means that one of them will get short-changed. It seems a bit redundant. I'd say post to this blog every day, and then give your writing teacher a link :)

Eddie Louise said...


Good idea - you are really helpful btw. I find your perspectives on things illuminating. Even when we don't agree I am bound to find new things to think about!

I really appreciate that you take a few moments every now and then to drop by here.


Doug Hagler said...

Oh, you're welcome. It's nice to comment on the blog of someone I actually know in person. I also find that you and I are in similar positions in some ways - trying to cram writing of various different kinds into our lives, for example

Doug Hagler said...

...and you are doing a better job of it than I am :)