Monday, May 10, 2010

Journal Entry #3 - Boobs

I was far too exhausted to write last night - so this is the first of two entries that will appear today.

What IS it with boys and boobs?!?!?  I am the only girl in 6th grade to have them and all the boys do is tease me or try to stick their hands down my shirt. It creeps me out!

Its not like I did something to deserve them - or that I even wanted them in the first place. The other girls all look at me with envy. I don't get it. To me they are nothing but a nuisance. Sleeping on my stomach is a pain now. Bras are uncomfortable. I don't like the feeling when my nipples shrink - it is like an itch you can't scratch.

They make me look ore like my Mom when all I want is to be able to ride and work like my Daddy. Boobs suck!

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