Monday, January 17, 2011

Update and Writing Prompt for January 17

This week has been crazy busy! I am in the middle of writing a couple of grant proposals for my work - although I have written 10,000+ words this week, none of them count towards my own writing goals. Luckily, this will only be for a couple of weeks and then life will settle down again.

Anyway - this is why I haven't been doing my writing prompts. But today's was too irresistible (I haven't tried one of these since High School) so here it is:

Write a Haiku on Reading/Books:

Lost for hours and hours
Curled up in the chaise lounge
With my fav’rit book

A book is a friend
When the rest of the world
Struggles to make sense

In a gift, a book
Appears as if by magic,
Just what I wanted

Reality shows,
Can’t hold a candle to pages
Filled with untold bliss

1 comment:

Rose said...

Loooove them! My absolute favorite is #2 "when the world struggles to make sense". Wonderful!

I really like #4, also. Very well-done!