Thursday, September 03, 2009

Between Parachutes - What I Learned

I don't like writing about my personal travails. An author must play God and put her characters through challenges, set backs and travail - this is what makes books exciting. Unfortunately, when it comes to my own life, I seem to prefer waiting until after the challenges are done so that I know 'how it ends'. I am a storyteller - I tell dozens of stories about my own life - repeatedly. My friends tease that they like listening to my stories to 'find out what happened this time'.

So - as an update - I am still between parachutes, but there are good things on the horizon. My husband starts his Master's degree in a week and we have settled into an apartment in Denver. I am looking forward to beginning work again on my novel. And I have begun to anticipate NaNo 2009.

I'll probably start popping up here again more often now, trying to tell the stories that are my life.

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