Thursday, September 10, 2009

When o When can I Write?

I am so good at overbooking myself. I currently have bubbling on my writing stove:

Words for a Christmas Cantata (or an Easter Oratorio)
Words for 12 hours of Opera
Words for 2 Lullabys
1st novel revision/finishing
2nd novel plotting and brainstorming

So - I have LOTS to write and almost no time to work on it.

Instead I write about lawyers and colon cleansers and puppies. Yes, this writing pays the bills (just barely), but still... I want to write fun stuff!

Maybe the fact that I am starting a new job tomorrow will help.
Part time work, but at a really good rate of pay.
Should mean I have to do less freelance writing so hopefully I can swap that time out for fiction and musical writing.

Wish me luck!

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