Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Change Your Dress, You Change Your Shoes...

...The one thing you can't change is you.

My name is Eddie and I am a procrastinator. Is there a Procrastinator's Anonymous? I need one. I need a butt kicking sponsor who won't believe my bulls#!t. I need a concerned party who will not stop believing in me while they are locking the doors to the Google cabinet. I need recipes for distraction free living. I need to finish my book.

For me, the editing process is not nearly as worry free as the composition stage. When I am writing I am generally functioning in pure adrenaline mode. The story flows from my fingers, shiny and fun. I am consumed. I dream about my characters, my setting, my plot. At this stage, everything I write is brilliant - funny - emotionally true. It is a euphoric feeling. When in the first blush of writing I will often corner unsuspecting friends and family member to read a paragraph, a page, a perfect sentence - smugly confident in my own brilliance.

Editing sheds the harsh light of reality on my scribblings. Disjointed sentences are trumped by poorly illuminated ideas. What was screamingly funny in the writing process is now hopelessly banal. What was sharp wit turns into bog-laden description. Editing forces me to face the truth - writing is hard work. a book is a sculpture, a painting, a mosaic. It is NOT a digital photo taken with auto-focus and perfect natural light.

So, procrastination be damned! I will finish this book, because I must. Even if I don't like it very much right now.


Doug Hagler said...

This is the reason Google Docs is chock-full of unfinished projects - writing *is* editing, or at least the majority of writing is editing, and editing is...really really hard. Editing my own stuff is downright painful. The only hopeful part is that everyone else has to do it too.

Ashley Hope Pérez said...
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Eddie Louise said...

Wow Ashley - Thanks!