Monday, March 29, 2010

Search for a Pen Name Part 2

Well, I don't think you can choose a pen names these days without googling it to see if any other person has claimed that name.

Looking just at the two options using some form of my own name reveals that Eddie Louise is already me - ie I have an established web presence (including a review in the Scotsman of an opera I wrote the libretto for. The only other Eddie Louise of note is a black male with a mugshot on line. Most importantly, no-one has the domain name

Louise Michaels is a bit more problematic, as there is an artist by that name and she has claimed the domain name.

So, unless I choose to go with a name unrelated to my own, Eddie Louise it is.

As a side note, Deuce Roadkill has announced that he is the secondary star of a YA novel. Evidently my 1950's heroine (whom I haven't met yet) is obsessed with the many adventures of Deuce Roadkill and is patterning her behaviors after him to the consternation of her conservative father and stay-at-home mom. Like most ideas I have that come at inconvenient times, I will note it in the small blank book I carry everywhere and save the story idea for a rainy day.

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