Friday, March 26, 2010

An Author's Bio and Pen Name

Taking a little break from editing (it is going really well today - but just need a moment to clear my head) and wondered about my author's bio. You know, the little blurb about me to put at the end of a book.

I am not sure 'learned how to tell great big lies at an early age' is quite the right thing. I am sure I can think of something!

As for a pen name I have thought of many - choose your favorite:

Using my own name or some deritive thereof:
Eddie Louise
Louise Michaels (this is my middle name + my husband's)

Or an anagram:
Lace Riddek (Eddie Clark)
Deuce Roadkill (Eddie Lou Clark) Hmmm... not quite right.

Anybody got suggestions?


Kelly said...

Lace Riddek...I like it. Louise Micheals works well too.

I read that Shiloh Walker wished she'd chosen a name with letters happening earlier in the alphabet because her books always seemed to end up on the bottom shelf. Something to think about, although, I'm certain it all depends on how many books come before yours.

I saw your intro and blog address at the Crash Revisions intro and thought I'd pop by.

Good luck...See you in class.

w/a Kacie Fletcher

stowersd said...

To be honest, I really like Eddie Louise! I think it has a really nice flow to it..

And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I appreciate the feedback. :)

-Susan Dennard