Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Writer Attempts to Articulate her Thoughts

Well. Here I am again. Staring at a blank page. Trying to think of something witty or bright to say. I am a victim of my own ideas. Too many. Too complicated. Too unformed. But then the impulse will take me and my fingers will seem to fly over the keyboard and before I know it I am writing - really writing - and I am lost in my imagination.

I am hoping that the musings I place on this page will be a catalyst for those times that I submerge myself in the flow of ideas. A place to limber up before each day's writing, to loosen the imagination muscles and get the creative juices flowing.

To start with, I will be journalling my current personal life in a series of articles I am calling Between Parachutes. I was happily ensconced as an ex-patriot in Edinburgh Scotland until my VISA extension was denied and I was given 14 days to vacate the country. Now I am homeless, unemployed and living with relatives while I sort myself out. So - tune in here for the saga, the musings, and the general chatterings of my overloaded brain!

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Jaynie said...

Hi Eddie

I hope the move went as well as it could. I'm looking forward to staying updated through your articles. Good luck with all your writing. Stay in touch!