Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Kid with her Foot in Mouth

I have been called blunt, abrupt, candid, outspoken, rude, forthright, tactless, frank, and matter-of-fact. I have spoken out when it would have been wiser to hold my tongue. I have blurted thoughts as they formed and asked the question 'but, why?' repeatedly.

Tact is not my strong suit. I have no personal boundaries. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Which means, I am often the one in the corner with her foot in her mouth.

Society is not very fond of bluntness - until it becomes irascibility, and then they dedicate books of quotations to you (W.C. Fields or Dorthy Parker, anyone?)  This is why I so often channel my words into story - in a story that you are making up, you can say anything and get away with it.

In the meantime, in case I am never published, I am on a personal quest to convert my mere bluntness into full-scale irascibility. If nothing else, I will be assured that my utterings will grace untold numbers of Toastmaster speeches and commencement addresses. One way or the other, my words will live on after I am nothing but dirt!


P.I. Barrington said...

Oh please. For a while I thought my foot in mought might be terminal! Insanity and menopause only go so far...LOL! At last someone who understands me! Great post!

Eddie Louise said...

Hey P.I.

Cheers for stopping by! I have found you on Twitter - will try to keep 'following' from becoming 'stalking'!

Seriously though - menopause is a good excuse! I plan on using that one!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I cannot wait to be able to write fiction instead of tragedy...