Saturday, February 05, 2011

Reality vs Real Life

I find, in my daily life, a constant tug-of-war over my time and mental efforts.

One the one hand - the reality of my stories, the constant imaginings and sculpting of concept that are calling to me night and day.

"Write me. Ignore the dishes. The vacuuming can wait. Politics do not matter. Write me."

On the other hand is real life; the need to work, to cook and clean, to commune with family. To try and keep abreast of politics and the need for citizen action in a free society.

The challenge I personally run into is not really centered around domestic chores or family demands - I am blessed with a family that encourages and supports my writing - a family that will take on extra chores to give me those few moments of extra writing time.

My particular obstacle is centered more around politics and my feeling that I need to remain informed and active as a citizen. Unlike doing dishes, it is almost impossible to keep thinking about my writing when I am protesting a bad law, or encouraging a good candidate. In this case, Real Life seems to suck away the Reality of my stories, and to leave me feeling vaguely dirty and wholly depleted. Or worse, the cynicism engendered by the modern all-consuming political age enters my stories, coloring my words and warping the story I set out to tell.

The only solution I have worked out is to try and remain aware of this and stop myself from being too consumed by politics. I will stop watching the Daily show, I will stop reading political BLOGS and reports, I will discontinue my email subscriptions until I have it back under control.

I want to be aware. I want to be informed. I want to be a citizen activist, but not at the expense of my reality.


Doug Hagler said...

I think this sounds like the right move (obviously your call, not mine). I stopped watching the news entirely in 2001, and since I've felt better. I still watch the Daily Show, but I do so online during lunch in the office, catching up in hour chunks.

As for me, I should be on Facebook less. That's my current serious time-sink. It's often rewarding and cool to interact with people, but also sometimes gets me frustrated and periodically seems like a waste of time.

Though, humorously, I'm doing a lot of pastoral care over Facebook.

Eddie Louise said...

@Doug - Its a Brave New World, but we seem to be the same old humans!

Yeah - I am limiting my FB time to no more than 10 min a day.

I also need to eliminate computer Mah Jong!!!

Really, what I need is a Secretary - someone to cull through stuff and put the relevant info in front of me and then take dictation for correspondence. After that - their only job would be to 'bar the door' from distractions!!!