Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good News for Scribe Types

One of the agents I plan on submitting my novel to has this to say about the current market.

I hope that I can be one of those authors who is worth competing for.

This sort of news also bodes well for future projects (series novels and new ideas both).

I am learning how to talk about my book in a way that people are starting to say - "That sounds really good - I want to read it." I used to get responses more like this - "Hmmm it sounds like you really enjoy writing."

The book idea didn't change, I am just learning how better to encapsulate it. I am establishing a common narrative that I can use to talk about the book. I still find it weird to 'talk up' my book. It feels too much like I am talking up myself - a thing I was taught never to do. But with this new determination to refine, perfect and shop my work has come the focus on talking about it without embarrassment.

Wait... is that a sign of impending maturity?!?!? Wonders never cease!

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