Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaNo Officially Begins

This year's novel:
Unwilling Donor
Donnor was bored. The hospital staff wouldn’t let him dance, or play interactive vids or ping his friends, or even pull his feeds and sort the news from the trivia. In fact, his brain-tenna was automatically tuned out when he entered the facility and would not resume broadcast until he left the building. No wonder so many people died in this place – boredom is a killer!

Leaving his Mother at his Grandmother’s bedside Donnor wandered the halls looking for anything to take his mind off the mind-numbing quiet. No music. No background commentary, not even any ad-vids to break the monotony - just corridor after corridor of artificially homey décor, steroid enhanced plants and soothing colors.

It was completely rankerous, Donnor thought, that the hospital employees were allowed to keep their brain-tennas tuned in – even if only to Government approved channels. He slouched down the halls kicking out at random planters, carts and dispensing stations, wishing he was anywhere rather than here.

Total of 500 words today - that is a poor start, but I will be up at 6 am in the morning to write.

Wish me luck!

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